Van Brakel Adventures


Their mission is to achieve an excellent level of satisfaction, while they let them experience and learn about the true beauty of Africa.

From the majestic elephant to the stealth of the leopard, experience the roar of the lion vibrating through your body, and to cultivate an appreciation of all wildlife, big and small. We want you to remember Africa, its mysterious mountains, gracious waterfalls and its breath-taking views for the rest of your life.

Like all tour and safari guides, Chris van Brakel from Van Brakel Adventures, has a couple of great animal stories to share. Elephant stories are, however, Chris’ forte. He is known to be a bit of an elephant magnet. This story is especially dear to him, since very few people have ever seen a desert elephant, let alone getting close to one.

To experience Africa- Chris is a tourist’s best companion, his ability to design that perfect holiday with his professional knowledge of the environment and the African culture he will ensure you get nothing less than you wished for.

These trails are guided and great fun for the beginner and enthusiast.

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