Silkaatsnek Nature Estate Hiking / Educational Trails


Within 45 minutes of the City you can find yourself being guided through the privately owned Silkaats neck nature reserve that is located on the slopes of the oldest visible mountains in the world within the Magaliesberg Biosphere. The Magaliesberg Mountains offer striking scenery under the African sky’s, exceptional birdlife and an abundance of game are but a few things you will see on your guided hike. The history of wars and the silence of nature allow you to gradually hike up the mountain to the summit where the Harties Cableway opens up to the true sense of hospitality. This is where one gets the opportunity to relax and unwind taking in the panoramic view of the area and indulge in a pizza or refreshing cocktail before taking a cable car trip down the mountain.

These trails are guided and great fun for the beginner and enthusiast.

  • Wars : Mzilikazi and the Ndebele – The Anglo Boer War
  • Flowers: Fairy Elephants Foot – Turks Cap Aloe