Acqua Pulita Water


We will never claim to have developed a system whereby our product has changed the world, or that we have found a magical cure for dreadful diseases. We will however in time promote ways in which to change the way we live in this country, and then claim the successes thereof because of our innovative and fresh way of thinking.

Hartbeespoort is one of the most diverse and enchanting towns in South Africa. Exotic combinations of landscapes, people, history and different cultures offer a unique and inspiring cuisine.

Hartbeespoort is located to the west of Pretoria, bordered by the Magalies- and Witwatersrand mountains giving our community its history and spectacular range of biodiversity.

From the early 1990’s South Africa has experienced a drastic loss in the quality of drinking water due to poor service delivery from Local Government. Pollution and the rise of pollution-related diseases created an awareness of the need for high quality drinking water. During this ‘down-turn’ water purification and related companies were going into (and out of) business by the dozens every year. They assembled reverse osmosis and water filtration systems and sold them to wholesalers, stores and multi-level marketing companies. Business was profitable but it is sad to admit that most companies did not want to be bothered with the trials of providing customer service or by the low profit margins earned by offering high quality prepared drinking water and replacement filters to customers.

Acqua Pulita is a family run business born to serve all those and has at its core values the desire for clean healthy drinking water for all living creatures, to promote honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction. Fortunately the technology does exist to produce clean healthy drinking water in your home or alternatively we have it available on tap from our shops.

Acqua Pulita has various household purification and filtration systems to produce quality drinking water in your home. No chemicals are added and you will enjoy drinking water with a healthy taste.

Acqua Pulita was founded on a commitment and a passion to provide water solutions and replacement filters and parts that encourage people to appreciate, enjoy, and drink more water.

 Acqua Pulita clearly represents a diminishing generation in the way we approached our business. It just is not enough to simply rack up profits. We have recognized the frustration of those customers who had no place to go for help, who could not find replacement parts and filters, or who were being charged exorbitant prices for the filters they found. In this complete void of service, we saw an opportunity to diverge from ‘industry tradition’ and to create a new type of business within the industry and our society – one focused on taking care of customers by solving their problems and offering them a dependable supply of replacement products and supplies as well as our own branded bottled water filled in our facility in Shop 15 Sediba Plaza, Hartbeespoort. The water is of superior quality.